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Home Security Systems in

Irvine, CA

California is home, adventure seekers, and tourists alike. This is a great place to raise a family, enroll your children in school, and ultimately own a home. Home prices have trended up by 19% in California , making this an excellent place to invest in property. 

Help protect your next California home using the best home security system offered by California Smart Home Pro. We can help keep your home safe from natural disasters, break-ins, and more. Our ADT-powered equipment includes video cameras, home security systems, fire and life safety, and home automation systems.

Why Work with California Smart Home Pro

For the past eight years, California Smart Home Pro has offered professional alarm monitoring, new security system installation, and security services. We are an authorized ADT Provider and work closely with ADT to outfit your home with the best alarm monitoring systems on the market. Our extremely knowledgeable professionals will evaluate your home’s specific security needs and offer friendly advice. You can have all our security questions answered and get the most out of your home automation and security system. 

Help Keep Your Family Protected With Fire & Life Safety Systems

Accidents and natural disasters can occur in an instant. In California alone, there were 5 deaths and 22 injuries for every 1,000 residential fires. Using fire and life safety systems, you can rest assured knowing you are helping keep your home protected. 

Fire Monitoring 

ADT fire monitoring will help dispatch first responders to your home when your fire detectors are triggered. Using the power of 24/7 ADT monitoring will lower response times to your home, saving your life and decreasing potential damage to your home. Your home can also be protected from water damage with the help of our flood detectors. 

Flood Detectors

Flood detectors can provide real-time alerts to your smartphone app, so you can get help to stop floods and extensive water damage. Our extremely helpful technicians will help install flood detectors near appliances such as water heaters and washers, and near at-risk areas such as your basement. 

Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

Carbon Monoxide detectors are another potentially life-saving alarm system for your California home. Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas. Carbon Monoxide can be fatal even in small doses. Fortunately, our detectors will alert you and alert security staff at a 24/7 ADT monitoring station. This will allow you to evacuate your home, and possibly save your life.  

Security Home Automation Systems From California Smart home pro

California Smart home pro also offers our customers home automation in addition to home alarm systems. Our smart home devices are also powered by ADT and can make your living experience easier and more comfortable!

Lighting Automation 

Control your home’s lights with the tap of a button on your cell phone. Turn your lights on before you enter your home for added security. Fend off intruders by turning on lights and preventing property crime.

Garage Controls 

Never worry about your garage door being left open. Our garage controls allow you to protect your assets inside your garage, prevent access to your home, and alert you if your garage door has been left open.

Smart Thermostats 

Save money on energy bills by setting your temperature remotely! You can set your thermostat for specific hours of the day, receive alerts if your temperature drops too low or is too high.

Smart Door Locks 

Never be locked out of your house again or be left stranded in the California heat with our smart door locks! Our smart locks will send live alerts if your door is ever opened and the status of your lock changes.

California Smart Home Pro – Home Security Products

California Smart home pro works with ADT as an authorized partner to offer high-quality alarm monitoring for your California home. With the help of one the best national home security companies, California Smart home pro is here to help provide the best home security using these products. 

  • ADT Monitoring gives you peace of mind knowing that any detections in your home will be immediately routed to a 24/7 ADT monitoring station. 
  • Glass Break Detectors will alert you if your home’s windows or glass doors are ever broken. Our customers can get immediate assistance from first responders and help reduce the risk of an intruder harming them or burglarizing their home with glass break detectors backed by ADT monitoring. 
  • Motion Detectors will alert you of any suspicious movements outside your home. Coupled with video surveillance, motion detectors can provide real-time feedback and alert you to potential break-ins. 

Pick a Plan

Our security professionals take their time to make sure you get the system you need.


We’ll show you how to add extra equipment to your plan and clearly explain your costs.

Pro Setup

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Security Cameras Offered by California Smart Home Pro

Security systems equipped with cameras can provide an extra set of eyes to protect your  California home. Having security cameras installed can help you capture crimes that occur inside and outside your home. Burglars may be less likely to enter a home that is equipped with video surveillance inside and outside the home. Porch pirates could also potentially be less likely to steal if they know your front door has a camera pointed directly at them. If there is a crime committed in your home, having footage can help authorities identify any suspects and bring them to justice.

California Smart Home Pro offers several types of cameras, including:

  • Doorbell Cameras
  • Indoor Security Cameras
  • Outdoor Security Cameras 

Contact the Team at California Smart Home Pro Today for Your Home Security Needs!

At California Smart Home Pro  , we offer the best California home security to help keep your family and home safe. Since 2013, our professional security specialists have provided the best equipment, advice, and friendly service to our customers. For the best security services backed by the power of ADT and 24/7 monitoring, contact California Smart Home Pro today.