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Smart Thermostat Installation

Are you looking for a smarter and more convenient way to control your energy costs and comfort? If so, consider having a smart thermostat installed in your home. Smart thermostats offer the latest advancements in thermostat technology. To learn more about smart thermostats or to have one installed in your home, contact the home security experts at California Smart Home Pro today. 

Benefits of Installing a Smart Thermostat

More homeowners are having smart thermostats installed in their homes because of their many benefits, which include:

Controlling your thermostat remotely

Like other smart home technologies such as home security and lighting systems, smart thermostats are connected to your home’s wireless network so you can adjust and monitor your smart thermostat from anywhere from your smartphone or tablet.

Auto schedules

Like programmable thermostats, a smart thermostat model allows homeowners to set automatic schedules throughout the day and week. For example, you can set the temperature on your HVAC system lower during the winter from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. while you’re away at work and at higher temperatures during the evening and on the weekends when you’re home. This allows you to save on energy costs while you’re away.

Custom alerts

If the temperature suddenly drops or rises above the pre-set range, indicating a problem such as a power outage, you’ll be instantly notified through the thermostat app. This allows you to make quick temperature changes as needed. You’ll also receive maintenance alerts such as the need for a filter change.

Reduced energy costs

The average smart thermostat can save homeowners as much as $140 on their yearly energy bills by encouraging homeowners to adjust their thermostats appropriately when they’re away from home.

Tracking your energy usage

ADT smart thermostats provide homeowners with reports about their energy usage. This allows them to see where they’re using most of their energy and how much it’s costing them so they can make energy-efficient adjustments.

Easy to install

In most cases, it’s best to hire a professional to install your new smart thermostat to ensure it’s installed correctly. California Smart Home Pro will ensure your thermostat is correctly installed for optimal operation.

Increased safety

When a smart thermostat is paired with a smoke detector and/or CO detector, then the thermostat will automatically shut off the HVAC system in the case of smoke/fire to prevent it from spreading throughout the home. 

Additional Features of Smart Thermostats from California Smart Home Pro

  • A New Level of Comfort and Convenience. With the latest technology, smart thermostats provide the ultimate convenience.
  • Wide Compatibility. ADT’s smart thermostats can be installed with most standard heating and cooling systems.
  • Professional Installation. Our technicians will ensure your new thermostat is installed correctly.
  • Smart Setup. We’ll sync your thermostat with your ADT smart security network.
  • Z-Wave Compatible. Expand your home automation by integrating your smart thermostat with other smart devices.  

Why Trust California Smart Home Pro?

Some of the benefits of working with California Smart Home Pro include:

Free quotes

You won’t receive any surprises when you work with California Smart Home Pro. We offer free quotes on all jobs.

5-star technicians

All of our 5-star installation technicians are expertly trained and won’t leave a job until it’s performed to your complete satisfaction. Our technicians care about the safety of your home and family, and you can trust them to install only the best smart thermostat or home security system available.

Top-rated ADT authorized dealer

Founded in 2013, California Smart Home Pro has steadily grown into one of the top-rated ADT authorized dealers in the country. Our company has grown by 150% every year, and there’s no slowing down.