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Indoor Security Cameras

Why You Need Indoor Security Cameras

When it comes to keeping your home protected in 2022, there seems to be an endless amount of options. From smart door locks to window sensors, homeowners everywhere are upgrading and updating their home into the 21st century. However, one piece of security equipment has withstood the test of time and continues to prove to be some of the most crucial pieces of equipment, indoor security cameras. 

How do Indoor Security Cameras Work?

Indoor security cameras are video devices placed in your home that allow you to view activity inside the specific rooms they cover remotely. Most act as smart home devices, connecting wireless and offering cloud storage.

These wireless cameras may also include sound detection and some indoor cameras feature two way talk with cloud storage or local storage. Most feature video recording with cloud video storage. Like other devices, these cams can be accessed remotely and use motion sensors to send you an alert when the camera detects motion.

Indoor home security cameras can be used for multiple purposes, from watching your pets while out to checking in on your home. You can set up these devices to cover an entire room. These are one of the many security devices available through CA Smart Home Pro Home Security, one of the top-rated ADT Authorized Dealers. 

Advantages of Indoor Security Cameras

Several cameras can work together to deliver convenience and peace of mind for many families. An indoor camera can fulfill many different purposes, including: 

  • Child safety. An indoor cam can help keep an eye on your children while under the care of nannies and babysitters. Some feature night vision, or even color night vision. They can also confirm that your older kids are safely home from school. 
  • Elder safety. Well-placed cameras can also help families ensure the safety of elderly relatives prone to falls inside homes. 
  • Pet welfare. Many families worry about their pets while they’re out. Are they howling, or are they sleeping? Who’s digging in the trash? The best indoor security camera can answer all these questions. 
  • Monitor outdoor activities. You can use an indoor cam to answer other questions you may have as a homeowner, such as who’s eating your vegetables at night and what wild animals might be roaming through the yard.
  • Crime deterrence. Potential thieves are more likely to skip homes with cameras, as they pose a greater risk of being identified. 
  • Police and insurance support. They can provide helpful evidence of a crime supporting any break-in claims. You can more easily identify what was stolen and who stole it. Most can even deliver a discount from some insurance companies.  

Best Places to Put Indoor Security Cameras

Generally speaking, install these units in the common areas of your home. Think of it as the equivalent of a home’s “public areas.” They are not placed in bathrooms, changing areas, or bedrooms for privacy concerns. By looking at the list below, you can see some of the best places for installation: 

  • Stairs. Because of the slip and fall risks, stairways are a perfect place to install one so that anyone who may fall and get hurt can be quickly detected and helped.
  • Hallways. For both family and thieves, hallway cameras allow you to see what parts of your home people are entering and exiting and when. Most can also detect any accidents or falls. 
  • Entry points, like windows and doors. You can use an indoor camera to face back doors and side doors and selected windows that could be prone to break-ins. These can supplement an outdoor security camera by filling in dead spots to provide more complete visibility. 
  • Common areas. Depending on the purpose of your cameras, it may be appropriate to place them in kitchens, living rooms, playrooms, and other common areas of the home 

The Benefits of 24/7 ADT Monitoring

24/7 ADT Monitoring is the best way to help protect your home and family from the dangers of break-ins by ensuring that prompt action is taken if any intrusion occurs.

Naturally, you want to keep your family, your home, and your belongings safe from break-ins. But constantly checking your smartphone app can be disruptive to your day and virtually impossible at night.

With 24/7 ADT Monitoring, you can rely on a team of trained professionals to monitor your security system continuously. They can alert you to specific tripped alarms like broken glass and motion detection, and alert the authorities as needed if any dangerous situation arises, day or night. 

Why Choose California Smart Home Pro?

Are you looking to protect your family with a superior security system that can be installed quickly and efficiently by a caring, experienced professional? Then look no further than

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Schedule Security Camera Installation Services withCalifornia Smart Home Pro

Are you ready to secure your home and protect your family with indoor and outdoor cameras? What’s your schedule? CA Smart Home Pro Home Security is ready to answer all your questions and provide superior security camera installation services from 5-star technicians. Call today so we can review your security camera options and schedule a visit when it’s most convenient for you.