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Outdoor Camera Installation

Typically installed around entry points of the home, outdoor cameras are a great addition to any home security system. Upon detecting any movement around the cameras, your outdoor cameras will alert you and begin recording to ensure that any suspicious activity is documented.


Benefits of Outdoor Cameras

Scare Away Potential Intruders
Upon scoping out the exterior of your home, potential intruders can be turned away by the presence of outdoor cameras alone. Knowing that their burglary attempt will be recorded and documented, potential intruders will likely move on from your home.

Continuous Video Capture
The continuous video capture provided by outdoor security cameras will be a significant help when it comes to theft recovery. Upon turning the video over to the police, your video footage will help to return any stolen property.

Additionally, outdoor home security cameras from ADT record in 1080p HD. This high-resolution video will even help police to identify the suspect and prevent similar crimes from occurring within the area in the future.

Infrared Night Vision
Many intruders decide to attempt burglaries at night due to the darkness that will provide them with cover. Fight back with infrared night vision outdoor cameras from California Smart Home Pro. No matter the time of day, you can catch burglars in the act and ensure that their crimes are documented.

Speak Through the Camera
Outdoor cameras from ADT allow you to speak through them. Upon receiving an alert of movement, you can speak through the outdoor security camera system to let an unwanted visitor know that they’re being recorded. Many times, this is enough to keep them from breaking into your home and committing any crimes. 

How Do Outdoor Cameras Work?

Outdoor cameras continuously record footage. Any activity that occurs within the view of the camera will be recorded. As such, outdoor cameras should be placed in areas that might be more vulnerable to a break-in, such as first-floor windows or near the front door.

While outdoor cameras are a great measure to take in protecting your home, they should be paired with other security devices to ensure the complete protection of your home. Installing glass break detectors and motion detectors, for example, are other fantastic ways to protect your home and family. 

California Smart Home Pro Offers ADT Outdoor Cameras

As one of the most trusted ADT dealers in the country, California Smart Home Pro is proud to offer the best products in the industry. We’ve helped homes just like yours stay safe and secure from break-ins since 2013.

Customer service is a priority of ours, and we always seek to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with the work we’ve done. Our team of expertly trained technicians is ready to help you enhance your security and stay safe from any unwanted intruders. Contact us today to learn more about any of the security systems that we offer, or to schedule an appointment for installation services. 

Contact California Smart Home Pro for Motion Detector Installation

We know that you don’t take the safety of your family and home lightly. That’s why the home security installation experts at California Smart Home Pro will always provide you with the best equipment and services for your continued security. Contact us today to learn more about motion detectors, and how they can be paired with other security technologies, or to schedule an appointment with us to install motion sensors.