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ADT-Monitored Home Security Systems

ADT monitoring services provide 24-hour protection from break-in attempts. When an alarm is tripped, a team of ADT security professionals will quickly reach out to your home to ensure that your family is safe, or to dispatch the police if you are in danger.

With ADT monitoring services, you can ensure that you receive help as quickly as possible. Get in contact with California Smart Home Pro, an ADT authorized dealer, today to learn more about the benefits of ADT professional monitoring services. 

What Is ADT Monitoring?

Break-ins can occur during any hour of the day, so it’s critical to ensure that you’re protected around the clock. With ADT monitoring, you’ll always have access to a surveillance team that will ensure your safety.

When an alarm is triggered, a highly trained ADT security professional will contact your supplied phone number. If the triggered alarm was a false alarm, simply give the professional your account’s safety password. This will let them know that you’re not currently in danger and that you don’t require further assistance.

If you don’t pick up the phone call, or if you answer and tell the professional that you believe your home is in danger, they will quickly alert the police and have them check on your home.

With ADT monitoring, you can always ensure that you have a team of professionals to help keep you safe. ADT’s response time is second to none, so rest assured that you’ll receive the best possible service. 

Monitored Vs. Unmonitored Security Systems

From glass break detectors to motion detectors and beyond, having some type of security system installed within your home is important to the continued safety of your home and family. Choosing to install ADT monitored security systems, however, can present a variety of benefits that can keep your home even safer.

With unmonitored home security systems, you’ll be in charge of monitoring your home’s security system throughout the day. If issues arise, you’ll need to take the proper steps to ensure that the authorities are called promptly.

With ADT monitored security systems, however, you won’t have to worry about consistently monitoring your system throughout the day. Instead, a team of trained professionals will monitor your security system, alert you to a tripped alarm, and alert the authorities if any danger is present.

While monitored ADT security systems will be more expensive than their unmonitored counterparts, the additional security provided by these systems is the best way to ensure that your home and family are safe from break-ins. 

ADT Monitoring Services from California Smart Home Pro

We understand that you want to keep your home, family, and belongings safe from break-ins. However, we also know that you don’t have the time to constantly check your security system’s smartphone application to ensure that everything is safe and secure. That’s where ADT security services come in.

Ensure that you have the proper precautions in place to keep your home and family safe. With ADT’s 24-hour monitoring services, you can feel even more secure within your home. Contact us today to receive more information about a monitored home security system. 

Contact California Smart Home Pro for ADT Monitoring Systems

To keep your loved ones and belongings safe from a potential break-in, install ADT-monitored systems with California Smart Home Pro. Our experienced professionals will be happy to assist and answer any questions you may have along the way. We’re truly interested in the complete safety of your home and family, and will provide you with the best security equipment for the job. Contact us today to get started.